Ribbit Network 🐸

The world's largest crowdsourced network of open-source, low-cost, Greenhouse Gas Detection Sensors.

This project will create the world's largest Greenhouse Gas Emissions dataset that will empower anyone to join in the work on climate and provide informed data for climate action.

Ribbit Network is a large network of open-source, low-cost, CO2 (hopefully additionally gasses in the future) Detection Sensors. These sensors will upload their data to the cloud, creating the world's most complete Greenhouse Gas dataset built by citizen scientists everywhere.

Imagine PurpleAir and Folding@Home combined as an open-source solution for climate.

Climate Change: The Missing Map

We know that increased levels of atmospheric gasses like CO2 and Methane are the primary causes of climate change and humanity is pumping them into the atmosphere at an unprecedented rate!

It would be reasonable to assume that scientists have a map of the world that can tell us exactly what the emissions levels are at any spot on the planet. Unfortunately, that map doesn’t exist.

Ribbit Network: The Solution

The Ribbit Network was created to generate this missing map of greenhouse gas emissions. By creating and deploying the world's largest, grassroots network of CO2 sensors, the network empowers anyone to join in the work on climate and provide data for informed climate action.

Scientists in research labs have shown that a network like the Ribbit Network can be extremely effective.

We just need your help to deploy more sensors!

Frog Sensors

Our “Frogs” are tiny sensors that you can buy and deploy at your own home! It’s a small, open-source box that measures the amount of CO2 in the air using a tiny laser.

Frogs are one of the species that are most affected by climate change! Just like our sensors, they ribbit to one another to create a powerful network of data about the environment.

Want to build your own Frog? Thanks to our open-source design, you can! Visit our Github link below to find the instructions!

Ribbit Network

The Ribbit Network saves the sensor data and makes it accessible for scientists everywhere to analyze and pinpoint emissions. Using this data we can identify and track emissions, allowing us to verify our assumptions about climate and hold ourselves accountable through corporate, government, and individual action.

Help Us Build

Are you interested in contributing to the design and engineering of the Ribbit Network? Great there is a lot of work to do! Check out the link to our Github which includes our documentation and guides for contributing!


Hi, I'm Keenan and I work on this project!

I'm a former Aerospace Engineer and I’ve now committed my career to working on climate as both a startup Founder/coach. I’ve worked with the world’s best climate tech startups, venture capitalists and policy workers to understand the problems we face in our shared work on climate. I couldn’t be more excited and motivated to build this missing map for our planet!

Big thanks to all the awesome contributors to the open-source projects below. This project would be nowhere without them:

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Sensor Contributors

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